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How does one start to document and share decades of tradition and lore, when a school and community have so many stories to tell? 

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Kellogg High School Fight Songs

Kellogg High School is unique in that it has more than one "official" school (figh) song. In fact, it has 5! The stories and origins will be shared here, as we learn more about them. If you have information or stories, please share them with us! 

Hail to the Wildcats

Hail to the Wildcats, cheer them along the way.

Onward to victory, we will win this game today.

So give a cheer for the Wildcats,

Long may they reign supreme.

Shout ‘til the echoes ring

For the glory of our team.

KHS Fight Song Hail 2020.mp3

Alma Mater

Hail Alma Mater, hats off to you

Ever you’ll find us loyal and true.

Firm and undaunted, always we’ll be

Hail to the school we love…

Here’s a toast to thee.

This song was played/sung at the end of games as a sign of spirit and unity of the student body. It has a similar melody to Hail to the Wildcats. 


KHS Alma Mater.mp3

Light the “K”

(Tune: Wave the Flag)

Light the “K” for Kellogg High School

Come on let’s win this game.

Light the “K” for Kellogg High School

For honor and for fame.

Light the “K” for Kellogg High School

For that means VICTORY

Light the “K” for Kellogg High School

And it will shine for thee.

Wave the Flag.mp3

Come On and Go

(Tune: Go Northwestern)

Come on and go, Kellogg High School

Team, it’s up to you

We’re behind you, cheering, fellas

Come on, Boola Boo (or Boogaloo)

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Go, Kellogg High School

Keep your spirits high

Pass it and throw it!

Sink it and score it!

Win this game for Kellogg High.

Come On And Go.mp3

Purple and Gold

(Tune: Minnesota Rouser)

Fight, fight, fight for Purple and Gold

Go team go with hearts ever brave and bold

Forever loyal we’ll always be

Kellogg light the “K” tonight

Wildcats fight, fight

Onward to Victory.

The Minnesota Rouser.mp3